Ship, dry cargo & Tankers agents / Ship to ship services / Clearances and forwarding / Transshipment and haulage / Ship's supply service / Husbandry attendance / Warehousing / Terminal operation


Loading • Discharging attendance / Husbandry and crew matters / Every-day-reports to owners / Arranging bunkers, provision, freshwater / Supplying spare parts, deck, engine, electrition / Embark-disembarkation / Cash to masters / Consultancy


Transport routes / Door to door transportation / The technical capabilities, tariffs, trading conditions of all carriers, ports, terminals and warehouses / Export and import requirements at customs / Customs brokerage / The documentation requirements of all parties concerned - shippers, carriers, custom authorities, ports, terminals, etc.


Dedicated professionals at your service

Ship Chandler & Duty Free Shopper consists of a specialist with diverse backgrounds, which together form a global business leadership team that will work to develop a Duty Free & Ship Chandling business in Georgia and border regions. We offering the products our clients needs at the most competitiveprices.


Deliver the right product at the right time

Deliver the right product at the right time. Our main mission is to build and sustain a high level of services, create value with the highest quality of our products and services.


To create a world class service in between Europe and Asia

The geographical location of Georgian’s Poti Port is a strategic hub onthe New Silk Road / One Belt One Road (OBOR) trade route between China and Europe. Our storage and logistics facilites as well as our retail infrastructures for Duty-Free enable us to offer a wide range of products at a very competitive prices. Thank’s to the modern technologies we want to focus for a sustainable environment.


The guaranty in partnership

Our values are honesty, transparency, responsibility, stability in serviceand a spirit of continuous improvement and growth.